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Live Model Practice (DEPOSIT for Student Services Only)

Live Model Practice (DEPOSIT for Student Services Only)

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The Microshading live model practice and training class by Precious Beauty Collections offers a comprehensive learning experience to master the technique. Below are the details and pricing options for booking the training:

✅Training Class Days: Tuesday/Wednesday
✅ Model Ratings: 5 ⭐️ ratings from all previous students and clients (swipe to see photos)

 Training Includes:
  - Full training supplies for up to 15 clients (when booking 4+ models)
  - Full training supplies for up to 10 clients (when booking less than 4 models)
  - 12+ content videos for marketing purposes
  - Hands-on practice with clients
  - Client reviews
  - And more

Pricing Options for Live Model Practice:

1 Model - $400
2 Models - $675
4 Models - $1000
6 Models - $1500
8 Models - $2100
10 Models - $2600

**Deposit:** $250.00 (Required to secure your training)

Additional Information:
- Limited spots available for this training type
- Payment plans are mandatory for booking 4 or more models

To secure your training, choose your desired city, select the number of models you wish to book, and proceed with the $250 deposit at checkout. For any questions or further assistance, you can use the chat feature or contact via email at

To pay in full:  Please Zelle or Apple Pay 

Zelle: Precious Miller Email:

Apple Pay: 256-468-6378


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